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Hotel Erfurt “Am Domplatz”: The right room for every guest and save 10% straight away

Single room Erfurt in the hotel: Discover our cozy single rooms in the hotel, which are specially designed for single travelers and business travelers. Our single rooms offer you the perfect retreat to enjoy privacy and comfort during your stay. Whether you want to unwind after a busy day or work in peace, our single rooms are the ideal choice. They offer first-class amenities at an affordable price and guarantee a pleasant stay.

Double room Erfurt in the hotel: Our double rooms in the hotel are perfect for couples, friends and families who travel together and are looking for comfortable accommodation. With spacious rooms that offer either a large double bed or two separate beds, we guarantee you the ideal space for shared experiences and relaxation. Our double rooms are not only an economical option, but also a place where you can feel at home. Book today and enjoy your stay!

Multi-bed rooms Erfurt: Our multi-bed rooms in the hotel are the ideal choice for group travelers, backpackers and families who are looking for comfortable accommodation together. With multiple beds, often including bunk beds, our shared rooms offer the opportunity to share costs and still stay in a comfortable environment. Here you can make new friends and enjoy social interactions. Our shared rooms are also a popular option for budget travelers and offer a friendly atmosphere. Book now and experience an unforgettable stay together!

Hotel Erfurt family rooms: Our family rooms in the hotel are the perfect choice for families and larger travel groups. With spacious and comfortable accommodation, we offer enough space for parents and children to enjoy an unforgettable stay together. Our family rooms feature a variety of beds and sleeping options to meet your family's needs. Book today and experience the convenience and comfort that our family rooms offer to share precious moments together.

Penthouse Erfurt: Our luxurious penthouse in the hotel is designed for discerning guests who are looking for unparalleled luxury and comfort. With breathtaking views, spacious living areas and exclusive amenities, our penthouse offers a premium experience that will make your stay unforgettable. Whether you are VIPs, celebrities, wedding couples or just want to celebrate a special occasion, our Penthouse Erfurt promises unparalleled privacy and luxury. Book now and experience the pinnacle of comfort and elegance at our hotel.

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